Spa Luxury

A range for Spa treatments based on high range active ingredients. With Caviar Extract, Gold, Diamond Powder, Rose Extract and Amber. The natural active ingredients make the treatments truly creative experiences, the so called massage a la carte, where client and professional choose the products making each moment unique and personal. A pleasure for the senses.

Elements which united with Rose Aromatherapy, highlight the beauty and luminosity of the skin. Products consisting of various actions; reducing, re- generating, anti-ageing, anti-stretch marks and relaxing.

For all skin types and ages.

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  • Spa Luxury Body Peel 250ml

    Spa Luxury Body Peel 250ml – SP607


    Spa Luxury Body Peel 250ml – SP607

    Body exfoliating cream with a triple action. It contains exfoliating granules, Diamond Powder, Amber, Caviar Extract, Pineapple Extract and Fig Extract. These all work in synergy favoring cellular renovation, the refining pore sand leaving the skin uniform. Apply once a week.

    Main Ingredients: Diamond Powder, Amber Powder, Caviar Extract, Pineapple Extract, Fig Extract and Exfoliating Spheres.

    Capacity: 250ml

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  • Spa Gold Therapy 100ml – SP629


    Spa Gold Therapy 100ml – SP629

    It’s a natural Antioxidant that nourishes the skin, protects against external environment, moisturizes, It gives hair a healthy shine and is recommended in the treatment of brittle nails. For use on….Hair, Face, Body, Nails a light dry oil.

    Main Ingredients: Argan Oil, Chai Oil, Ceramides & Vitamin E, linoleleic  acid, Oleic acid, Gamma-linolenic acid

    Assists with hydrating skin, by retaining water levels. Gives skin a beautiful Glo and so soft to touch. Not oily beautiful light perfume.

    Capacity: 100ml

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